2579 0 February 2, 2015

Launched the site

Finally! I thought I’ll never do it… After 38 different versions (I think I might one day put together a post showing all unused versions of my website), which I tried to polish to perfection… I guess being a perfectionist is not a virtue, especially in the world of getting things done. So, finally I launched it. I also dislike this version, and just after I finished it I wanted to start over and begin designing the next, 39th version, but at some moment I have said to myself: STOP. Blog is very short, it’s missing a lot of things and pages that I’ve intended, and might not work perfectly, but it is live (and responsive)!

Dear visitors, please let me know how do you like it, and, even more important, let me know if you will see any errors or something is missing. I will be still trying to make it perfect, but I will do it on a live website. Thank you for stopping by!

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