5118 0 March 27, 2015

Pageless design – what is that and why you should care

I have been trying to convince my client to convert his website to a pageless one, and I had to explain what I mean. This is why I created this infographic:

Classic contra Pageless website design

While I was drawing it, I have realized that just recently I absolutely prefer to design such (pageless) websites, because they are intuitive, beautiful, and give so much more options! When you have enough content, it’s much easier to break it with some calls to action or opt-in forms.
Also, when user scrolls, awesome animations can be added, backgrounds made parallax, content can be loaded on scroll… I know, I didn’t invent the wheel, this is rather a cry to anyone who has a small website with a reasonable content amount, to consider switching to pageless – because user experience is absolutely one of the most important things you have to care about.

A few (epic, really epic) examples of such websites:


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