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Three things I wish clients have never been able to say

Just like every other designer out there, I have a few phrases I am allergic to. I can’t help it, when I hear those, my only thought is “Run! Run, and don’t stop till you get far from here!”. In most cases a client who says such a phrase, doesn’t realize he’s just going to hurt himself. And he wants to do it with my help. I care about the quality of my designs, so in most cases telling me this will result in a hot discussion:

  1. Make that logo bigger

    No, I am not going to make your logo bigger. Unless you will decide to a pure and minimalist version of your website which will hold only a blank screen, your logo in the middle and a small menu icon in corner. This is the only way I can make your logo covering the whole page. The logo needs some space around it, if you want it to be visible you don’t need to make it bigger, you need to make sure it has enough of space around it, and that nothing will compete with it.

    Honestly, when I hear “Make my logo bigger” I see and hear this video:

  2. Put it above the fold

    Please! No, please, really ?! Do you really want to tuck everything above this mythical creature called “above the fold”? If you didn’t live under the rock, you probably know that the web design is responsive now – that means it adapts to any screen size. And on different devices the line that divides above and below the fold can be in a different place. There’s even more to it, some content can be hidden on smaller devices, and some content can be displayed in a different place. And even, if that weren’t true, and we had to do with only one screen size, users scroll. Really, they do, especially if the website is interesting and relevant. So, instead of insisting of putting everything above the fold, make sure your users will want to see what’s below the fold.

  3. Jazz it up a little

    Seriously, this phrase means the client didn’t have the time to watch my last revisions, and wants to buy some time by making me more revisions. Generally, I try to give my clients everything asap, and I keep my response time ridiculously low, but when I get a request like this, I tend to become silent for a day or two, because I don’t want to look silly, because I asked “what does it means?”, but on the other hand, I have no idea where to go next…

Thease are my most hated lines I’ve ever heard. Please let me know in comments if you have some other ones.

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